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When Things Go Wrong | The Power of Constructive Thinking

January 30, 2018

Listen to episode 235 of the Inspirational Living podcast: When Things Go Wrong | The Power of Constructive Thinking. Edited and adapted from Success Through Thought Habit by Benjamin Johnson.

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Today’s podcast has been edited and adapted from “Success Through Thought Habit” by Benjamin Johnson, published in 1908.

IF ever the true merit of constructive thought is placed to a test, it is when things go so wrong that there is apparently no way to turn, and no solution to our difficulty. Try as we may, we can find no reasonable excuse for what’s happening.

Once in a while, we may be placed in the trying position of not being able to blame anyone for our plight, and, as we think things over, we are forced to admit that were circumstances to be again arranged as they had been, we would do the same things all over again.

Then, perhaps, we grow a little sorry for ourselves and we say — beneath our breaths — "What is the use of trying. I was just as good as I could have been for days, weeks, and months, and then this awful thing had to happen for no reason at all." Next, we may get angry, or possibly disgusted, and just in proportion to our own state of mind, does the outlook continue to look worse and worse until soon dull despair settles down in great chunks of gloom.

"What is the remedy?" you ask. There is only one to be used in cases of this description, and that is absolute Faith in the ultimate outcome, no matter how bad everything looks — and the realization that nothing that happens to us at any time is an accident, but is what we need, in order to show what we are made of.

Resistance, resentment, anger, and blame only mean that we shall continue to have more tribulations of a similar nature, until our lessons have been learned, and we find that out of every evil, good will come. In the mental world, as well as the physical, anyone who breaks a law is punished — not always in the way we may recognize, but just so surely the punishment comes....