Words of Wisdom for Young Adults (Tips & Advice)

March 1, 2016

Listen to episode 37 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Words of Wisdom for Young Adults. Adapted from “If I Were Twenty-One” by Dr. Frank Crane.

Podcast Excerpt: Remember that half of your problem is you; the other half is circumstance. Your task is to bring results out of the combination of the two. Life is not a science, to be learned; it is an art, to be practiced. Ability comes by doing. Wisdom comes not from others; it is born of experience.

Life is not like a problem in arithmetic, to be solved by learning the rules. It is more like a puzzle of blocks, or wire rings—you just keep trying one way after another, until finally you succeed…maybe.

In the Game of Life, as in a game of cards, we have to play the cards dealt to us; and the good player is not the one who always wins, but the one who plays a poor hand well.

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