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The Best Podcasts to Help You Sleep | Bedtime Podcasts

May 27, 2017

The best podcasts to help you sleep (or the best bedtime podcasts) are those podcasts which are going to put you in the right peaceful and positive mindset before falling to sleep.

Remember that we never wake up the same exact person as when we went to bed. After we drift into sleep, the subconscious (with the assistance of our dreams) is busy at work, either building us up or tearing us down.

That is why so many people find the Inspirational Living podcast as the best bedtime podcast to listen to before falling to sleep. Each of our self-development podcasts is like a mini inspirational bedtime story, delivered in a serene but uplifting manner that allows the message to sink into your subconscious while it relaxes you and prepares your mind for sleep.

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While all of our inspirational podcasts are good ones to listen to before falling to sleep, we have selected here our top podcasts to listen to before going to bed.

1) Podcast for Sleeping: How to Sleep Well

However troubled you have been during the day, do not go to sleep until you have restored your mental harmony, until your faculties are poised and your mind serene. Scientists tell us that our mental activity when going to bed continues far into the night. These mental impressions just before going to sleep, the thoughts that dominate the mind, continue to exercise influence long after we become unconscious. .....

2) Bedtime Podcasts: The Key to Love

All life is simply the call of heart to heart, life to life, Deep to Deep of being. It is truly said, “Love is the only thing that pays for life or makes death welcome, and those who work out in the hot harvest fields of human effort and human unfoldment must have their souls aglow with a divine compassion, that they may be able to take the hand of every faltering life that touches their own, and speak for it the words of Peace and Power and Love. ....

3) Podcasts to Fall Asleep to: Living Your Ideal Life

Every single day and hour you are dwelling with emotion upon mental pictures which are to take their place, both inside and outside of you. So I bid you to take special hours for holding with enthusiasm the sort of pictures you want to create— instead of letting your mind perpetuate the same old things over again. And I bid you to put into this Ideal picturing all the emotion you can summon, to the end that you, more quickly and vitally, will create what you want. .....

4) Podcasts Before Bed: Thoughts on Nature, Art & Beauty

Art is creative. The artist is a co-worker with the Divine. To our hands is committed the portion of the world which the universe has left unfinished — the immediate environment of humankind. We cannot live in the fields and woods like the insects and animals do. Art has for its purpose to make the rooms and houses and halls and streets and cities in which civilized people pass their days as beautiful and fair, as elevating and inspiring, as the fields and forests in which nature blooms. .....

5) Podcasts for Sleeping: The Power of Kindness

Every kind act you can do for the weak and defenseless, and every kind word you say to them, will make you happier, nobler, and better; all good people will love you and respect you the more for it, and as your body grows, your heart will grow larger and richer, to bless the world. .....

6) Podcasts to Fall Asleep to: How to Meditate & Visualize

Sleep is not silence. When we sleep, we go into a great silence, but we do not get into the great psychical perception that the true Silence brings. The true Silence is waking sleep, where we consciously put the surface mind to sleep, and then consciously awaken ourselves into a higher plane of activity. .....

7) Bedtime Podcasts: How to Sleep Better, Peacefully & Fast

Few people ever think of preparing the mind for sleep, yet it is even more necessary than it is to prepare the body. Most of us take great pains to put the latter in order; we undress, maybe take a warm bath, perhaps massage the face with lotion; we make sure that our bedroom is properly heated or cooled, and that our bed is clean and comfortable, but to the matter of preparing our minds, we don’t give it a thought....

8) Podcast for Sleeping: Karma Yoga & The Goal of Life

Every mental and physical blow that is given upon the soul to strike out the fire (to discover its own power and knowledge) is Karma — Karma being used in its universal sense. So, we are doing Karma all the time. I am talking to you; that is Karma. You are listening; that is Karma. We breathe; that is Karma. We walk; Karma. We talk; Karma. Everything we do, physical or mental, is Karma, and is leaving its marks upon us.....

9) Podcasts to Fall Asleep to: The Way of Wonder

“Into the Kingdom of Science, as into the Kingdom of Heaven, we cannot enter, but as little children.” To have the run of both kingdoms, to know them well enough to be sure that they are not two but one, is wisdom. And the entry into them requires the child’s mind, its love of mystery, its readiness to be puzzled, its open-eyed astonishment....<

10) Podcasts Before Bed: Overcoming Anxiety Before Sleep

No anxiety should be allowed to disturb your joy. Consciousness of our divinity does not permit anxiety. Cultivate confidence in your higher self and your co-operation with the greater good. This is true self-reliance, because it is not based on one’s self as apart from the Infinite, but as in union with the eternal foundation and the infinite source of all things.....

11) Podcasts to Fall Asleep to: Living a Magical Life

The supreme lesson of life is that of self-realization. You are living in a world of magic. You have more power within you than that of any wizard whom you have read or dreamed about. Wake up! Learn who you are before you condemn yourself to a further life of inaction and inefficiency. To come to recognize yourself is the best elixir of life you will ever know....

12) Bedtime Podcasts: Spiritual Meditation Before Sleep

Meditation is the intense dwelling, in thought, upon an idea or theme, with the object of thoroughly comprehending it. And whatsoever you constantly meditate upon, you will not only come to understand, but grow more into its likeness, for it will become incorporated into your very being, will become, in fact, your very self.

13) Podcasts for Sleeping: A Meditation on Love

When love beckons to you, follow it---though its ways are hard and steep. And when its wings enfold you, yield to it---though its hidden sword may wound you. And when love speaks to you, believe in it---though its voice may shatter your dreams, as the winter wind lays waste the garden.

14) Listen Before Bed: How Thoughts Shape Destiny

The soul attracts that which it secretly harbors; that which it loves, and also that which it fears. Every thought-seed sown or allowed to fall into the mind, and to take root there, will blossom sooner or later into action, bearing its own fruitage of opportunity and circumstance. Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bad fruit. That may sound simplistic. But it’s true.

That wraps up our Top 10 podcasts to listen to before going to sleep. But like we said all of the Inspirational Living podcasts are great to listen to before bedtime, providing you with a positive message to feed your subconscious before entering the land of dreams.

If you are looking for a good morning podcast to listen to on your commute to work, check out our list: The Best Podcasts for Your Commute.

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