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May 1, 2018

If you are looking for a Life Coach podcast to motivate and inspire you, to help you overcome life's obstacles, to guide you up the mountain toward your highest self, then the Inspirational Living podcast is an excellent choice. Who better to serve as your life coach than some of the most thoughtful, inspirational, and eloquent self-development writers of history?

Our podcast features editated adaptions from the works of such motivational writers as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Napoleon Hill, Orison Swett Marden, Helen Keller, William George Jordan, Frederick Douglas, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and much more.

Listen below to a sample of some of our most popular life coach lessons from the past. Subscribe to our free podcast at iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app to receive new motivational podcasts delivered to you every week.


Life Coach Lesson One: Living up to Your Potential

You have the power within you to do something well and to do it like no other person — you have the power of original creation. You are in a world of your own. You can, to a certain degree, develop and enlarge that power so that it will bring you more happiness, money, prestige, or whatever it is you earnestly desire to possess.

Every man or woman who makes a success knows just why and how he or she succeeded. They have all been, without one single exception, optimists, believing life to be worthwhile, wonderful when properly lived, and aiming to get the most out of it. A pessimist has never yet achieved success. Enthusiasm is a stepping stone to success.


Life Coach Lesson Two: Daily Success Habits

Great people in every department of activity do the work of today today. They do not put off until tomorrow what belongs to today, nor do they overwork today that they may rest tomorrow. They apportion their work and their play in a sane and sensible manner.

If you have a disagreeable task to perform (one which is likely to require all of your energy), complete it today, if you can. If you do not, you will think about it today and labor over it tomorrow. You will make two days' work of one. Things undone which ought to be done are done twice. Any attempt to postpone that which should be attended to now means harder work tomorrow and more work the day after tomorrow.


Life Coach Lesson Three: The Art of Becoming You

The majority of people, if they would succeed, must be content to do one thing and to do that with all their might. If you are fitted to be a mechanic, be a mechanic, and such a mechanic that those about you will find your services indispensable. If you are fitted to make shoes, make shoes, and such shoes as all the world will wish to walk in. If you are fitted to be a farmer, be a farmer, and with such deliberateness and skill that the earth will give to you as to a master the reward of her most abundant harvests.

Be an artisan, be an engineer, be a merchant, be a lawyer, be a physician, be a teacher, be an artist, be a poet, be a worker, a producer of values, a true servant of your fellow citizens — and, whatever you do, do that with all your energy; only thus can you hope to attain any earthly success worth having. But, remember, the main business of life is not to do, but to become; and action itself has its finest and most enduring fruit in character.


Life Coach Lesson Four: The School of Self-Discipline

Every step in the progress of the world has been a new “control”. It has been escaping from the tyranny of a fact, to the understanding and mastery of that fact. For ages humanity looked in terror at the lightning flash; today we understand it as electricity, a force we have mastered and can control. The million phases of electrical invention are but manifestations of our control over a great force. But the greatest of all “control” is self-control.

At each moment of our lives we are either a Master or a slave. As we surrender to a wrong appetite, to any human weakness; as we fall prostrate in hopeless subjection to any condition, to any environment, to any failure, we are a slave. As we day by day crush out human weakness (control opposing elements within ourselves), and day by day re-create a new self from the failure and folly of our past, then we are a master. We are a King or Queen ruling with wisdom over ourselves.


Life Coach lesson Five: Building a Success Mindset

Get rid of the idea that the world owes you a living. True, you are not responsible for being here, but neither is the rest of humanity responsible either, except your immediate parents; therefore the world owes you nothing. We live in a bountiful country, one that has given you birth, protection, food, clothing, a home, friends, education, and opportunity for development, happiness, service, and success. You are the debtor. It will take all the rest of your natural life to square yourself and meet your just obligations.

Get ready. Go to work. Be all you can and do all you can in the development of self and in promoting the progress of humanity.

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